One of the things I remember most about my mother was her beautiful smile. In spite of all the challenges she had with her drug addiction she maintained a very playful and positive attitude towards life.  She wanted to be better and do better, and she thought that things would eventually get better in her life. Unfortunately she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer about three years ago. Despite this being one of the saddest things to ever happen to me, her attitude about life has taught me a few things. Now that I’m older I can see why having a positive attitude about life means so much. It just makes life a lot more enjoyable.

Seeing all the trials that my mother endured in her life and her ability to keep a positive attitude made me want to be just like her. There’s so many reasons why making a positive attitude second nature can improve your life.  So I am going to outline some things explaining why and how to maintain a positive attitude despite what’s  going on in your life.

1. If you are a positive person, more people will want to be around you. People are going to gravitate towards you. You’ll begin to build more positive and uplifting relationships with others. There is something about being around positive people, it tends to rub off. The opposite can also be true, so why not strive to be a positive force and hang around other positive forces? It just makes sense.

2. When problems arise and are met with positivity it then creates an opportunity for amazing solutions and breakthroughs to happen in your life. The one thing I have realized over time while coaching women through difficult situations is sometimes it takes something drastic to happen in our lives before we will make the necessary moves to change our situations. This is not true for all but generally speaking we must be uncomfortable to make change. Having a positive attitude during difficult situations will not only be helpful, but it can change your perspective. A new perspective can change the course of your actions and how you respond to your issues. It creates an overall positive ripple effect.

3. I understand that a lot of people are not naturally happy. Many people tend to look at the glass half full. Some would call this being realistic, but looking at things with a more optimistic outlook takes you a lot farther in life. If you struggle with positive thinking start adding activities in your life to help you work on changing how you think. Start a gratitude journal. As you write mention everything positive for the day and the things you’re grateful for. Along with writing what you’re thankful for, write down what went well for you.  Between the two, you may be surprised by the amount of positivity you’ve experienced in a day.

4. Many of the high achievers around us spend time visualizing the positive outcome of their situations. They make it a point to think about how they’re going to achieve the best outcome before stepping into a situation. For example, if they have a big presentation the next day at work, they think about how they’ve prepared and how it will benefit the company and themselves when they do a great job. When the time comes to present, their positive attitude about the outcome will gives them the confidence they need to do an amazing job, thus creating a win-win situation.

Your mind is a powerful thing so use it for good, rather than the negative.

The bottom line is that by being positive, you’ll improve your emotional well-being, people will want to be around you, and you will have the power to handle problems more effectively. Therefore positivity is a prescription for a happy life!

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