Are You Ready To Reach Your Dreams?

I had this question posed to me a long time ago and my answer was YES! Of course, I’m ready to reach my dreams. Isn’t everyone ready to reach their dreams? The answer might surprise you. No, not everyone is ready nor do they know exactly how to reach their dreams.

Well if you are struggling in the dream department, as a coach I have come up with a list of questions that you should ask yourself when it comes to going after your dreams. These are the same questions that have helped me towards my dream of motivating millions of people.

  1. Am I really dreaming? This might sound like a funny question to ask yourself but many people have stopped dreaming because they have fears that have gotten in the way. If this has happened to you it’s time to begin dreaming again.
  1. What is my dream? You need to answer question for yourself. Forget about what others have said or what others are doing and be honest with your most pressing desires.
  1. Does my dream stretch me? The more your dream stretches you the more reward you will gain when you actually reach your dream.
  1. Am I truly passionate about my dream? The passion you have for your dream will be the only thing that keeps you moving towards your dream when things get tough.
  1. Why am I going after this dream? What is your why? Your why will also keep you moving towards your dreams when you feel like giving up.
  1. What resources do I have available to me? I love this question because everyone needs resources to reach their goals. Take the time to evaluate yours so you can access them when you need them.
  1. What gifts and talents do I possess? It is imperative that you gifted in the area of your dream, otherwise you can waste a lot of time and not make the progress you want.
  1. What mindset do I need in order to reach my dreams? Mindset is everything. How you think about reaching your dream could mean success or failure. 
  1. What actions can I take to tomorrow to get started on my dream? What small step can you take tomorrow to start working on your dream. Remember Rome was not built in a day.

When ask yourself these questions you might come up with the answers you have been looking for all along.

Get Courageous!

Today’s Shareable Message:

Your dreams are waiting to be fulfilled!

Your Assignment:

Tell me below what actions you have decided to take tomorrow towards your dream?

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