Are You Ready To Show Your Courage?

I love the word “Courage” and what better time to talk about being courageous then the beginning of the year? You may think that being courageous means that you are not afraid, but that’s not true. Being courageous means that you decide to push forward even in the face of fear.

Fear is real. Many people allow fear to block them from reaching their goals. I know because I once allowed the fear of success to hinder me.

When I first started my business as a speaker I was so afraid that people wouldn’t want to hear anything I had to say. I even forgot my entire speech and froze up in front of my very first audience. I literally thought I was a failure but I was wrong, after I walked over to take a peek at my speech I delivered the rest flawlessly. I even got booked for another speaking engagement as a result of that speech.

Now I get to speak for companies, conferences and associations around the country and I even hold my very own personal and professional development seminar, Get Courageous, where help individuals like yourself overcome limiting beliefs keeping them stuck from reaching their highest potential.

So why am I telling you this? I want you to understand that being courageous is a choice. Every day that you wake up you get to choose to exercise your courage muscle. Today I want you to choose wisely. Be courageous even if you are scared.
Get Courageous!
Today’s Shareable Message: Be Courageous even if you are scared! There is more power in Courage then there is in fear.

Your Assignment: Think about one goal that scares you. Now write down one or two next steps that you can take towards that goal. Then figure out when you plan to take those steps and share them with me below.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

PS. This year I want to really spread the message of courage, faith and works. So please share this newsletter with your friends and family!

PSS. Registration for Get Courageous (July 21st-23rd) opens tomorrow! Don’t wait to get your ticket. This will be a life changing experience.

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Hi KiKi: This is an interesting question! Right now my biggest fear is not having a successful Blog Talk Radio Show. I went to the Broadcasting Institute of MD, graduated with my FCC license, however, it’s more difficult for me to talk to a microphone as opposed to an actual audience. To prepare my myself for this venture, I will need to pretend the computer is actually a live audience, just like I did in school and pretend that’s who I’m speaking to. My other fear connected to this is that I will not be successful in getting guest speakers for specific segments, and I know people in various fields. To face these fears I am going to remind myself that I was called to do this and I am capable of doing this and I will be great at doing this in other words…I will encourage myself!

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