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Posted by | March 28, 2018
Coaching with Kiki- Are You Allowing The Fear of The Unknown To Stand In Your Way of Success?

Powerful Question- Are you allowing the "fear of the unknown" to keep you from reaching your goals? This fear tells your mind in order to move forward you must know...

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Posted by | February 27, 2018
My Story of Hope ( A Mother’s Prayers Answered)

Have you ever prayed for something so much and then finally it happened? Well, that is my story of my journey to have my baby girl Mackenzie. You see, I...

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Posted by | February 8, 2018
How To Overcome Your Lack Of Motivation

  Lately I have been hearing this phrase over and over again, “I just don’t have the motivation”. Have you said this to yourself in the past week or two?...

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Posted by | February 2, 2018
Have You Already Gotten Off Track?

  It’s February and I want to know if you are already off track? If so, you are not alone. I posed this question to the beautiful entrepreneur members of...

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Posted by | January 9, 2018
It’s Your Time To Shine!

  Hey, It’s already week two of 2018 and I’m sure you are well on your way to doing some big things this year. By now I hope you have...

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Posted by | January 1, 2018
Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself- My Name Is Kiki Ramsey

  Happy New Year! First let me say that I pray your New Year is filled with all of the best blessings and prosperity that God can sprinkle your way!...

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Posted by | November 17, 2017
How To Actually Share Your Gifts With The World

I was checking my email and I received a great question that I thought you might want to know the answer to. The writer asked this " Hello Kiki, I saw your...

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Posted by | March 30, 2017
Are You Tired of Being the Victim?

This week I really want to talk to you about a topic you might not want to hear about. Someone once called me out on this and it didn’t feel...

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Posted by | March 15, 2017
Hope Changes Everything

Recently I have encountered many women struggling with a lot of emotional challenges in their lives. Some are my client’s, some are friends and some are women I’ve met while...

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Posted by | February 27, 2017
Sharing Your Gift and Talent With The World!

I love encouraging people to share their gifts and talents. Why?  Well because everyone has them and it’s so amazing when we decide to share them with others who can...

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