July 22, 2016
You Are Perfect!

You are made perfect! When God made you He gave you everything you need to be amazing! Stop comparing yourself to others. You are perfect! #perfect #shareifyouareinspired

July 22, 2016
Consistency Is The Key!

Consistency is the key to reaching all of your goals. Don't stop three feet from the goal. Stay consistent even when you get bored, even when it's no longer fun....

July 22, 2016
You Are Worthy!

You are Worthy!!!! Yes you are! You are Worthy of having that man, getting that new job, receiving that promotion and of having that Big dream. Don't let other people...

July 22, 2016
Decisions Shape Your Destiny!

Decisions have the ability to shape your destiny! The moment I decided to become who God showed me I could be, was the moment everything changed in my life and...

July 22, 2016
Anything is possible when you believe!

Anything is possible when you believe! Doors start to open. Opportunities start to show up when you believe! Take some time today to believe in yourself beyond a shadow of...

June 17, 2016
Are You Ready To Really Follow Your Dreams?!!!!

Do you have a dream? I mean really have a dream? Sure you do! So why are you not following your dream? Is it because of time? Money? Energy? Trust...

February 11, 2016
Overcoming Your Negative Stories

What stories are you assigning to your experiences? Did you know nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it? I love this saying. I have heard Tony Robbins...

February 3, 2016
Developing A Mindset For Success

I believe you are where you are because of what you think, period! I know this might seem like a bold statement but it’s what I believe. I know for...

January 20, 2016
Defining Your Own Success

This is your year to be extremely successful! I’m sure you have heard this statement at least a 1000 times this year and the year is just getting started. Although...

January 13, 2016
The Year of Faith and Belief

Every year I choose a theme to focus on. Sometimes my theme comes to me with ease and other times it’s not that easy. Last years theme was Elevation! That...

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