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Posted by | March 28, 2018
Coaching with Kiki- Are You Allowing The Fear of The Unknown To Stand In Your Way of Success?

Powerful Question- Are you allowing the "fear of the unknown" to keep you from reaching your goals? This fear tells your mind in order to move forward you must know...

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Posted by | March 30, 2017
Are You Tired of Being the Victim?

This week I really want to talk to you about a topic you might not want to hear about. Someone once called me out on this and it didn’t feel...

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Posted by | February 10, 2017
Discover How To Live Your Dreams Right Now

It takes a lot to live out your dreams. Thinking about this subject brings the following words to mind: passion, perseverance and motivation. But sometimes when you are working towards...

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Posted by | August 18, 2016
You Were Made For A Purpose!

You were made for a Purpose! You were placed on earth to do something amazing! Someone's life is depending on you to discover and walk in your purpose! Picasso said...

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Posted by | July 22, 2016
Anything is possible when you believe!

Anything is possible when you believe! Doors start to open. Opportunities start to show up when you believe! Take some time today to believe in yourself beyond a shadow of...

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Posted by | February 3, 2016
Developing A Mindset For Success

I believe you are where you are because of what you think, period! I know this might seem like a bold statement but it’s what I believe. I know for...

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Posted by | January 20, 2016
Defining Your Own Success

This is your year to be extremely successful! I’m sure you have heard this statement at least a 1000 times this year and the year is just getting started. Although...

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