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My Coaching Philosophy

kiki-silver-headshotI believe everyone deserves an amazing life. Everyone should experience true success. The truth is there are many levels to success and reaching the top is possible but some allow limiting beliefs, fear and inaction to stand in their way.

The good news is you can have the business and life you want and it’s my goal to help you get it!

My coaching is designed to help entrepreneurs and leaders like you get out of your own way, by understanding that “strategy” is secondary to overcoming your fears, limiting beliefs and past programming. When coaching with me you learn to focus on what’s important and embrace a mindset that allows you to reach your full purpose and potential.

I specialize In :

Women’s Leadership Coaching
Executive Coaching
Business Coaching
Life Coaching

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Let’s coach. In this 1 hour introductory session you will work one on one with Kiki to identify what’s holding you back from living the life or having the career or business you desire. You will gain clarity, set achievable goals and create a plan to take action.

 Coaching Solutions

Let me help you reach all your personal and professional your goals.

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Executive and Leadership Coaching 

Getting ahead is a goal worth having. You are successful and you understand that it takes hard work to move up the ladder but why have you not reached the top yet? Why have you not gotten that promotion yet? Well, there maybe just a few tweaks you need to make and with coaching I walk with you side by side to make them.

I specialise in help individual go from where they are in their current careers to where they want to be. I turned my own life around and went to the top of my career and I can help you do the same. It take courage to be a great leader and I think courage can be learned.

Topics Explored in Executive and Leadership Coaching:

*Get clear about what success means to you
*Move past your fears and challenge yourself to grow
*Create real obtainable goals
*Overcome limiting beliefs and challenges that have been holding you back
*Chart a plan for success
*Discover your Leadership style
*Position yourself in the workplace for success
*Gain confidence and go after opportunities
*Overcome the fear of failure and success
* How to move up the ladder

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flowers on deskBusiness Coaching 

In today’s society everyone wants to be successful. However many people don’t take the time to define what success really means to them. Instead we begin chasing this obscure idea of success, which only leads to unfulfilled dreams and goals. Well those days are over. It’s time to achieve the happiness and success you desire.

I know what it takes to have a highly successful entrepreneur. I went from sleeping on a coach in a crack house, to completing my entire college career on scholarships as a single mother, to having a very rewarding career as a licensed social worker where I served hundreds of clients on a monthly basis and finally to running my current coaching and speaking business, Kiki Ramsey International, where I continue to coach hundreds of people to achieve the success of their dreams. Now it’s your turn.

Topics Explored In Business Coaching:

*Get clear about what success means to you
*Move past your fears and challenge yourself to grow
*Create real obtainable goals
*Overcome limiting beliefs and challenges that have been holding you back
*Apply specific tools and strategies to grow your business
*Master mindset principles for financial growth
*Position yourself in the marketplace for success
*Gain confidence and go after opportunities
*Overcome the fear of failure and success
*Identify the real problems that have been holding you back
*Develop a new awareness about all the possibilities for your future
*Create a specific plan for success
*Take action towards your goals and dreams
*Build a mindset for success
*Build self-esteem, confidence and self-worth

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What women are saying about coaching with Kiki Ramsey

“In today’s time it’s a true blessing to have someone in your life that reminds pink-flower2you to believe in yourself. I know firsthand because Kiki came into my life at a time when I just wanted to truly give up and walk away. Kiki was there with me every step of the way to remind me to have faith no matter what and to hold on and hold my head up high. Kiki’s coaching taught me how to not give into negative thinking or negative people. Because of working with Kiki I’m able to now walk the walk and even help others to believe that the words Hope, Faith, and Love are still real. People like Kiki are here to make a difference in our lives.”

Karen Davis




“Kiki came into me and my son’s life and she became family right away…she is a very genuine person who really cares about her clients. Kiki can relate to my struggles and gives me real solutions and guidance. I am so blessed to have her as my coach.”

Graciela Pinder



“Kiki Ramsey is a strong woman and mother. Kiki has made me realize that pink-flower2there are a lot of things that are happening in my life that I’m allowing other people to control and that I need to take the time to embrace these situations and become a strong woman and take control of my relationships so I can have a more healthy relationship with myself and my family. I would really recommend Kiki for personal life and business life. She knows how to push people past the plateau that they have reached, to reach that next level, to reach the goals they always wanted to success.”

Jennifer McQueeny


pink-flower“Kiki has encouraged me to overcome the obstacles I have in my life and strive to become a good woman. To overcome the small things in my life and to take charge of my own life instead of letting other people dictate what I do with my life. I recommend Kiki because she is very inspiring and encouraging.”

Nakiesha Hardy


“Kiki shares her wisdom that she has learned throughout her life. It’s such an pink-flower2intimate process. The song “We Shall Overcome” comes to mind just because her experiences really shows exactly that, that we all have obstacles it’s just a part of life and we have the ability to choose and that’s what she’s done. Kiki is a complete inspiration and I highly recommend her for anything, coach and speaking.”

Claudine Struck


pink-flower“Kiki is amazing! I feel like I can connect with her on a deeper level. We have some similarities. She has given me some inspiration in terms of some things that I want to do with my personal life. I would recommend her to anyone. In fact I was just thinking about it and who I could possibly refer Kiki to. I’m a teacher and there are tons of educators who could benefit from some of her wisdom.”

Kalah Miller


“Kiki has really touched me and given me a good lesson about loving pink-flower2yourself, loving others unconditionally and I really think that she would touch anyone who has the opportunity of coming in contact with her. So I invite you to let her come into your life as she’s come into mine.”

Tawana Smith


pink-flower“I have been working with Kiki Ramsey for some time now. With her help, I was able to have a clearer vision of the things that I want in life and to eliminate all the excuses that I used in the past to keep me from reaching my full potential. I can confidently say that the majority of my decisions are now strategically placing me closer and closer to where I want to be in my life. I am glad to know Kiki, because not only is she my coach, but she has become a confident and friend as well.”

Kisha Etienne




“Your energy and enthusiasm inspire me to take action in spite of all my pink-flower2fears. Thanks Kiki!”
Julie Linkins




“I really like how Kiki identifies the fears individuals have and uses practical methods to deal with them.” 
Beverly Bank


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