Do You Have A Dream?

What’s you dream? I mean you’re really big dream? I have asked this question to my clients a thousand times and I get an array of different answers. Some of the answers are really big and others are not so big. So why are some people afraid to dream big?


I believe this is a loaded question but from my experience as a coach I have found that some people are afraid to dream big because they fear they will never reach the goal. They are scared that if they put their big dream out into the world and not reach the goal they will be faced with disappointment, laughter, even rejection from others. Now I’m not saying these are not valid points but what if everyone in the world quit dreaming and stops trying to reach their amazing dreams? We would then be living in sad times.


I think about these questions when I think of Martin Luther King Jr. III. As we just celebrated his birthday I started thinking about how he had an enormous and even seemingly daunting dream that all people would be treated equal and have the same opportunities. He made amazing strides in the Civil Rights era and those strides can still be felt to this very day. I am so grateful that Dr. King had a dream because his dream affected the world now know.


Your dream can do the same. Yes, dreaming big is not easy and the work to make the dream come true is going to be even harder, but it will be worth it. Don’t be afraid to dream big because the world needs more world changers. The world needs you.


Get Courageous!


Today’s Shareable Message: Don’t be afraid to dream big because the world needs more world changers. The world needs you.


Your Assignment: Tell me below what your big dream is and why it’s important to you.


I can’t wait to hear from you!


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