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Get Courageous is a 3 day experience designed to empower women in business to unleash their full potential and purpose. At Get Courageous you will learn to break through all your unconscious fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from having the life and business you truly desire! You will learn to turn your unique gifts and talents into ultimate success!

Here’s your solution. 

Get Courageous is a 3 day personal and professional development experience designed specifically for purpose filled women entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs.  The strategies taught at Get Courageous will help you unlock the courage and confidence to overcome all the fears, challenges and limiting beliefs holding you back from your dream business.

Discovering what you really want out of life is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. However fear of the unknown, success and even failure can hold you back from reaching your goals. Fear kills dreams and snatches time away but at Get Courageous, you will learn life changing tools, strategies and principles to help you gain clarity about the direction of your life and business,  reach your goals and create the success you want by harnessing your unique gifts and talents.

Through my many years of coaching women I understand that your psychology, belief system, past experiences, habits, confidence level and behaviors make up your present life experience. In order to push through and gain the results you want you must be courageous. Courage is a choice and when you decide to come to Get Courageous you are choosing to be courageous. You are choosing You!

Get Courageous was such a powerful and transformational experience for me. I had never previously had an opportunity to dig so deep and to challenge my self-imposed limiting beliefs about what I am capable of achieving. I keep my notes on my desk to remind myself of what I learned and realized in my time at Get Courageous.

Rachel Needle

Kiki thank you so much for the amazing conference and for your amazing words. Get Courageous was a life changing and life transforming experience. For all the women who missed this event make sure you don’t miss the next Get Courageous. You want to be in the room if you can get a seat.

Candice Villafana

I didn’t know what to expect when I attended Get Courageous, but I heard about how amazing Kiki was, and I was willing to go outside my comfort zone and try something new. After the first day, I realized how much I needed this conference! Beyond the powerful connections and relationships made, I dug deep into goal setting and making my wishes a reality…and I learned so much about myself. Kiki Ramsey is gifted, she is inviting, knowledgeable and experienced. Get Courageous is a game changer!

Cynthia Quinones Velez

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You know there is more to life and you are ready to live the fullness that comes with knowing your purpose and having clarity about what you really want out of life.

Your success or lack thereof deeply correlates to your fears, negative thoughts, self-sabotaging actions, self-image, habits and yes, your income level? In order to expand your possibilities you must reach beyond your current level and unleash your full potential.

And that’s where Get Courageous comes in. The truth is you don’t have to settle anymore. You can really have the life and business you desire.

At Get Courageous you will gain clarity about your life’s direction, master your emotions, make powerful decisions, unravel and connect to your life story, understand your life’s purpose and create a solid plan for your life and business.

So discover the courage and confidence it takes to change your life in one weekend!

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