How To Actually Share Your Gifts With The World

I was checking my email and I received a great question that I thought you might want to know the answer to. The writer asked this ” Hello Kiki, I saw your website video on sharing your gifts and talents with the world. What i’m stuck on is HOW…I know what my gifts and talents are, BUT how do I use them to bless people”?

What a great question. So if you are like her and you know your gifts and talents then you are going to love this video because I share with you several specific ways to share your gifts.

Sharing your gifts with the world is so important and should be based on your strengths. For example if you are a great writer you might want to share your gifts by writing a blog of a book. If you are a communicator like me you might share your gifts by speaking and motivating people. There are many more ways to share your gifts and I highlight a couple more in the video.

After you finish watching let me know how you plan to share your gifts with the world.

Kiki xoxo

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