How To Overcome Your Lack Of Motivation


Lately I have been hearing this phrase over and over again, “I just don’t have the motivation”. Have you said this to yourself in the past week or two? Go ahead be honest, it’s just the two of us.  Well, if I’m being completely honest I use to say this to myself all the time and guess what, I never had the motivation to do anything.

Can I be real with you? The truth is when it comes to having the motivation to complete a task, you probably are not going to “feel” like it. Yep, you heard me. Many of us decide “to do” or “not to do” based on how we feel. If you wake up in the morning and you feel good, then you will complete a lot. However, if you wake up and you feel like crap then nothing gets done. Does this sound familiar?

If it does I have three solutions to help you overcome this lack of motivation.

  1. Watch What You Say and Think To Yourself. Your mind can be your biggest helper or your biggest hindrance. What I mean is you can’t speak or think negative words and expect to stay motivated. You can’t say things like “I’m tired” and expect to be energized or “I just don’t feel good today” and expect to get a lot done. You have to say things like “I’m going to get stuff done today” or “I feel like winning today”. Using positive statements like these can change your motivation levels.
  2. Create Some Daily Non-Negotiables. Non-negotiables are commitments you make to yourself to complete on a daily basis. These are one to three things that you are committing to do every day no matter what. Creating daily non-negotiables takes the guesswork out of what you must do on a daily basis to reach your goals. When you are already committed to doing something, you don’t have to be motivated because you already committed to doing it.
  3. Do Your Daily Non-Negotiables First. Yes, I know this might be hard but it’s necessary. When you commit to doing your non-negotiables first you get it out of the way and you feel a sense of accomplishment early in your day. However, when you wait to do them you risk the chance of stressing over them the entire day and possibly not completing them at all.

Listen, I will be the first to admit that staying motivated can be hard but if you use these solutions that I have given I think you will be well on your way to having a very motivated life.

Kiki’s Coaching Take Away: You are not always going to “feel” like do it, you just have to do it anyway.

Action Steps: In what area do you lack motivation in your life? What are some of the items you just don’t “feel” like completing? Decide that you are going to take matters into your own hand. Write down 1 to 3 daily non-negotiables that will help you take action towards your goals every day. Share these with us below.

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Well, Kiki, you have hit the nail on my head! During the Christmas holiday, I had to update my Windows software for my computer. For me and my business, having computer meltdowns is almost like death to my business since I am virtual assistant. Anyway, with the software update that was done, the update caused my entire system to reset to factory settings causing the loss of everything I had on my PC. Fortunately, I have a good off-site backup system where I was able to retrieve everything excluding my QuickBooks accounting system. Unfortunately, because of my lack of diligence in keeping my bookkeeping current, especially for my business records, I lost everything for the entire year of 2017. It means that I literally must re-enter every single transaction, invoices etc. manually into my QB files. Furthermore, this must be done by the time I get my taxes filed because my CPA needs my statements. I must admit that I am NOT motivated to sit down and get this overwhelming task completed. You message about having “non-negotiables done first” resonates with me especially with this task. I don’t really feel like spending the time in my day to do what I consider mundane data entry. Your coaching tip helped remind me that I must do this “non-negotiable” activity first even if I only do it for maybe 20 minutes at a time daily. Eventually, I will get it all done and in time to file my taxes for the year. Thank you. Love your coaching style.

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