It’s Your Time To Shine!



It’s already week two of 2018 and I’m sure you are well on your way to doing some big things this year. By now I hope you have reintroduced yourself to the world. If not, check out my last post. It’s a good place to start.

I also start my year off by choosing a theme or a theme word. This is just a phrase or word that I choose to guide me and my actions throughout the year. It’s a phase or a word that inspires me to take action. It also encourages me to overcome any challenges that pop up.


My theme for last year was “Faith and Works”. I figured if I put my total faith in God and I worked very hard throughout the year I would be able to reach my biggest goals.


And guess what? I did!


Last year alone I was able to double the number of women I was able to personally connect with and as a result I was able to triple the number of clients in my coaching practice! Yay me!


And I did all this while being a new mommy again!


The reason my theme was so important last year is because I knew that having a baby could put a real strain on my business. I knew it was going to be hard to juggle life and business at the same time and I didn’t want my business to suffer. I wanted it to thrive.


When I sat down to pray about my theme for last year at first nothing came to me. I began getting really frustrated because the new year was drawing closer and I had nothing. Then one day God downloaded “Faith and Works” to me. It was based off the bible verse James 2:14-26 which essentially states that faith without works is dead. You must have both faith and good work.


I believe God knew I was going to need both because of the difficulty I would go through maintaining a growing business and a beautiful new baby girl.


So, you might be asking Kiki, girl, what does all this have to do with time to shine? I’m so glad you asked because “Shine” is my word for 2018 and “It’s Your Time To Shine” is my phrase.


I chose this theme this year because I need to be more visible. I believe God is going elevate me to places I’ve never been before, but I must show up for my life in a big way.


Shine doesn’t just mean being seen, it also means being accountable for my actions, being early for my assignments, and being authentically me.


Now it’s your turn. Maybe it’s your time to shine. Maybe you are tired of being the world’s biggest, best-kept secret.


Or possibly, you have another theme in mind. Maybe another word or phrase is nagging at you this year. It’s time to dig deep and choose a theme.


To help you out I’ve created a Great Themes Worksheet where I share 10 examples of amazing themes and 5 questions to ask yourself to help you create your own theme this year.


Whether you choose my theme or a different one, you will always be shining in my eyes!


Take Away: You desire to have an amazing year. You desire to reach all your goals. So, choose a theme that is going to encourage, motivate, and inspire you to show up for your life in a big way and do great things this year. For a little help download my Great Themes Worksheet to get examples and questions. Share below with me your Theme for this year.


Shine on! Shine on!



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