Overcoming Your Negative Stories

What stories are you assigning to your experiences? Did you know nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it? I love this saying. I have heard Tony Robbins and even T. Harv Eker say this before and I believe it is so true.

The fact is we all have experiences in our lives. Some are good and some are bad but what remains true is that we assign the meaning to what our experiences are to us.

Let’s say that the lack of money is a major issue in your life. Maybe you haven’t made the income you thought you should have made at this point in your life. Or maybe something major happened in your life that has caused your financial situation to diminish. At the end of the day what’s important is the story you assign to this situation.

You can begin to tell yourself that you are a looser and you’ll never have the money you want in your life. Or you can tell yourself that you are still an awesome person, you may not be where you want to be right now but you will get there soon with some hard work. Either way you get to choose the story you tell yourself.

In this week’s episode of Courageous Living I share with you several times when I assigned negative stories to my experiences and how I had to change my stories in order to be successful in that area of my life.

This Week’s Message: Nothing has meaning except the meaning you give it.

This Week’s Assignment: Identify one negative story that you have assigned to an experience in your life. Now change the story so that it benefits you.


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