Pursuit: Discovering Your Purpose Group Coaching Program


Is an 8 week group coaching program designed to help women like you get clarity around your God given purpose. During this highly interactive coaching experience with Kiki, you will learn to overcome your fears, negative thinking and you will identify your passions and goals so you start living your true calling.


  • 8 Week Duration
  • One Group Coaching Call Weekly (All Coaching Calls Will Be Recorded and Available for Replay)
  • A Private Pursuit Community Group (Where Group Members Can Interact About Homework and All The Goodies Discussed On Our Weekly Calls)
  • Weekly Assignments That Will Help Guide You In Your Process
  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Maximum 15 Participants

Week 1: Where Are You?: In this first week you will be exploring where you currently are in your life and where you want to be. You are going to take a real hard look at your reality and make some bold decisions to move forward and discover your God given purpose.

Week 2: What’s Holding You Back?– Week 2 we will be digging deep into the 8 main fears and identifying which one might be actually holding you back. You will then identify a plan to overcome the fears so you can move forward.

Week 3: Practicing Resiliency– When you start on a journey to discovering your God given purpose you are going to meet a lot of resistance. Obstacles and challenges will try to deter you. In this session you will learn how to overcome any obstacles you might be facing and how to handle any that might pop up.

Week 4: Finding Your Strengths– In order to walk in your gifting you must know your strengths. During this session you will assess your strengths. Knowing your strengths will allow you do more fulfilling work within your purpose.

Week 5: Dreaming: What is really possible for your life? Are you dreams big enough? In this session, you will dream and explore what is really possible for your life. You will ask yourself questions such as what area is God really trying to take me?

Week 6: Digging Into Your Purpose: This week you are going to be answering the Passion-Driven and Purpose Driven Questions. These questions are going to help you narrow down the direction your purpose is taking you. You will walk away from this session having identified what you think your purpose in life really is.

Week 7: Mind Over Money– In this session you will begin to see financial abundance is not just something you wish and hope for, but is the call God has placed on your life. You will identify and overcome your money blocks in addition to  addressing the poverty mindset.

Week 8: Implementation– Now that you have discovered your purpose let’s go pursue and put your purpose to work. This finale session is all about exploring ways you can begin living the purpose you identified through this coaching group. You will brain storm with Kiki and create an action plan to move forward living a life of your design.

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