Sharing Your Gift and Talent With The World!

I love encouraging people to share their gifts and talents. Why?  Well because everyone has them and it’s so amazing when we decide to share them with others who can benefit from them.

However, as a coach I have come across many people that feel like their gifts and talents are not special.

They say things like “many people have this same gift’ or “it’s no big deal this just comes natural to me”. But they are really missing a HUGE fact.

When you make statements like this you diminish the fact that you have been uniquely made and only you can share your gift or your talent with the world because there is only One you. No one can do it quite like you.

Secondly just because it comes natural doesn’t mean it’s not a gift. I learned this fact with my communication style. I thought for a while that everyone could speak and everyone could connect through coaching but I was wrong. I realized that there are many people who can do both very well but I bring my own unique style of communication that gets to the heart of a situation. I am then able to help people create more desirable lives and businesses. I do this in my own unique way!

You are able to do the same when you realize that your gifts and talents are unique and the world needs what you have.

Starting tonight on the Dream Big Series I am going to be kicking the Series off by sharing with you how to use your gifts and talents to live your dreams. I hope you will join me on this live free webinar.

Until then remember that you have something very special to share with the world.

Get Courageous!

Today’s Shareable Message: You are uniquely and individually made and the world needs your gifts and talents.

Your Assignment: Share with me below what your unique gifts and talents are and how you are sharing it with the world.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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