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As an event planner, you want to make your event unforgettable. Social media buzzing with pictures/quotes/great take-aways or little nuggets from your presenters. And you want unique, fresh content that is tailor made for your audience and really speaks to their needs. We understand that at Kiki Ramsey International.

Who wants to hear the same ol’ same blah, blah, blah anyway?
Kiki brings personal experience and proven results in the areas of courage and purpose. Your audience will have a range of emotions from suspense to laughter to sorrow. Her signature speeches take the audience on a journey that they won’t forget as they search themselves, address personal and intimate barriers and conquer them systematically, so they leave her presentations impacted and transformed. She is genuinely connected to the audience as she engages them from the moment she is introduced until she ends her presentation.

If you want an exciting professional speaker to rock the audience and leave them wanting her back again, then don’t wait! Bring Kiki in today!

Kiki is available to provided keynotes, workshops and breakout sessions for conferences, corporations, women’s groups, organizations, churches and associations.

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Kiki has helped her clients and organizations across the country Get Courageous and overcome all their fears. Here are just a few of her clients:

Speaking Topics

Get Courageous Now!
Create The Life You Love and Want

Have you ever felt stuck? Are you full of good ideas, but continuously put them off? What if behind all of your unpursued goals is not procrastination, but fear?

Fear is the number one factor that keeps most people from achieving their hopes, dreams, and goals. It’s the one emotion and mindset that keeps people stuck for years or a lifetime. With this inspiring presentation, Kiki shows your audience how to overcome their self-sabotaging beliefs so they can live the life they truly love and want.

Get Courageous Now will help your audience break free from the grip of fear by presenting breakthrough strategies that will allow them to enhance their finances, relationships, careers, and emotional well-being.

Kiki shares:

  • The Truth about Fear
  • Breakthrough Strategies for Defeating Fear
  • Her 7 Step Process to Courageous Living
  • How to Harness Courage to Live the Life You Love and Want


Purposeful Living
5 Steps to a More Fulfilling Life

Have you ever felt lost? Stuck in the never-ending 9-5 grind, menial household chores, and pointless errand running? Have you ever wondered, what’s the point? Why am I even here?

Purposeful Living: 5 Steps to a More Fulfilling Life guides you through a purpose finding mission, which addresses not only fear, but also past successes and failures, societal pressures, and family dynamics. Kiki shows you how to identify, unlock, and unleash your purpose and how to use that purpose to overcome obstacles that are keeping you from living a purposeful, engaged, and unstoppable life.

Topics include how to:

  • Push through Fear
  • Bounce Back from Setbacks
  • Overcome Negative Thinking
  • Use Passion, Purpose, Positivity, Plan, and Perseverance to excel Personally and Professionally



The Power of Positivity
Mindset Secrets to Success

Have you ever had a great goal, dream, or idea only to be held back by that questioning voice in your mind? Is it the voice of reason, or is it something infinitely more sinister? Could your worst enemy be lurking inside your head?

In this powerful presentation, Kiki’s transformational mindset strategies will help your audience to identify destructive thought patterns and the 8 most common fears that are holding them back from reaching their goals. She will give them the tools to radically shift their thinking so that they can live the successful lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Kiki teaches you how to:

  • Identify Your Stuck Places—and Get Unstuck
  • Find and Live your Purpose—Passionately
  • Shift your Mindset from Lack to Abundance
  • Create a Life of Excitement, Courage, and Vitality



7 Days to Courageous Living
A Daily Plan for Courage that Last a Lifetime

You’ve heard it all before—how you should think positively, overcome fear, live your purpose, pursue your passion. You’re ready to live courageously! But where do you start? Isn’t it easier just to keep doing what you’ve always done? Absolutely not!

In this dynamic presentation, Kiki Ramsey, founder of the Get Courageous Movement™ brings you the Get Courageous Challenge. In this practical speech, Kiki gives you a 7 day step by step action plan to jumpstart a life of fear-facing, purpose-driven, passion-infused courage. Participants will walk away knowing how to tackle their obstacles, pursue their goals, and dream limitless dreams.

Kiki shares how to:

  • Face Your Past—and Yourself
  • Understand and Master your Emotions
  • Create SMART Goals—and Meet them
  • Unleash your Creativity

Courageous Leadership
Be Bold and Impact with Influence

We’ve all felt it. The pressure of decisions that impact others, the fear of failing them, the heart for those you serve— the joys and struggles of leadership.

Great leaders rise to the occasion under pressure in order to lead people effectively and courageously. Whether the challenge is working for change in the office, moving to make a mark in your industry, or to inspire your employees to make a personal change, it will require courage.

In this presentation, Kiki teaches leaders how to overcome limiting fears in themselves, as well as how to lead their employees to do the same. She will show leaders how to inspire those they serve while taking on bold initiatives that allow them to meet corporate and personal goals.

Kiki teaches:

  • Breakthrough Strategies for Defeating Fear
  • How to Harness Courage to be a More Effective Leader
  • How to Properly Utilize Impact, Inspiration, and Influence in your Leadership Strategy
  • Effective Communication Skills in a Low Touch, High Tech World
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