What’s Your Motivation To Keep Moving Ahead?



This past weekend I spoke on a panel that talked about women’s entrepreneurship. We talked about all the challenges that cause women owned businesses to fail. We also discussed tools and strategies to help them succeed.  It was a ball of motivation and excitement!

However it got me to thinking about how I stay motivated when things are not going the way I want or think they should be going. How do I get up everyday and do what’s necessary to move forward in my life and business?

Actually motivation can be found through all types of methods. You can read a book. I love reading and it is one of the lowest costing forms of motivation out there. I always know that when I am bummed out I can pick up a good Tony Robbins book and it  snaps me right into gear. You can go for a walk or run. I don’t know about you but there is something about getting my body in shape that motivates me to do more. You can also listen to inspirational audio CD’s or get on a webinar like the Dream Big Series to get you pumped up.

So what’s your motivation? What gets you excited every day to go after your dreams? As a coach I know the importance of motivation. I know that some days when I don’t feel like doing anything and I need to find some type of motivation to get me started.

The key is to find the type of motivation that works for you. Don’t allow your lack of motivation ruin your day. It’s not worth it. So today get up and find your motivation to do more and be more!

Today’s Shareable Message:

Your motivation to get through the day when you are feeling down and out?

Your Assignment: 

Write down two things that motivate you to get out of a rut and share them with us down below!

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