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When I started Get Courageous back in 2012 I never imagined that it would become all that it is today. All I knew was I wanted a place for women to come and learn to overcome their unconscious fears in an environment where they felt powerful and courageous.

Today that’s exactly what Get Courageous is; a 3-day experience where you will learn to break through all your unconscious fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from having the life and career you truly desire! A place where you learn to truly connect with the real you and turn your unique gifts and talents into ultimate success!

I believe that everyone deserves to live the life of dreams but sometimes “things” get in the way. “Things” such as the fear of success or the unknown. “Things” like too little time and demanding family obligation and challenges. However, despite these “things” I know that you still have BIG goals. I know that you understand there is more to life. I know that you have so much more to give. And this is why I made it my mission to help women just like you gain the clarity, courage and confidence you need to rise to your highest level.

This is no fluff, no BS, just real women sharing, breaking through the challenges of life and reaching for their full potential.

Will you join me? Will you set aside the time you need for yourself this year? Will you finally take a stand and reach higher then you ever have? Will you finally understand that you have more to give?

Come see how a weekend packed with personal and professional development strategies at Get Courageous can change your life.

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