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Welcome, I’m Dr. Kiki Ramsey. I’m a positive psychologist and executive coach with a mission to help people create their own happiness and transform their lives and careers. I am committed to helping ambitious women get from A to where they want to B and achieve their goals by managing the tension between work, life, and everything else that comes in the middle. 

As a working mother, wife, and entrepreneur, I know firsthand the challenges of juggling multiple priorities, all while striving to succeed in my life and career. I understand the stress, imposter syndrome, and feelings of imbalance that can come with it all.

I’ve guided thousands of women to create their happiness and discover purpose while finding harmony and success.

If you’re ready to take your life and career to the next level, I encourage you to check out one of my popular courses and join the Happy Women Lead Academy, and together we will thrive. 

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  • Understand the exact steps to become happier in 2024 
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  • Learn from Dr. Kiki, a foremost Positive Psychologist, and all the latest evidence-based research in the field of positive psychology 

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A Daily Happiness Video

For 7 days, you will have access to a new video that contains the daily happiness Challenge that will help you put into practice research-based happiness techniques.

Daily Challenge Exercise

Each day, you will get a daily Challenge to complete. By completing this challenge, you will be actively taking steps to create the change in your life necessary to create happiness in 2024.

Powerful Questions Guide

Each day, you will get a set of powerful questions that will help you coach yourself and tap deeper into creating your own happiness.

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JEDI Practitioner

"Equivalent to a giant flashlight"

Dr. KiKi has an amazing ability to offer radical and transformative support! I contacted her in order to get a hard shift in perspective around my professional career mapping. She was kind, succinct and laser sharp. For anyone who feels like they have been stuck in the dark closet of their mind Dr. KiKi is the human equivalent of a giant flashlight!


Strategic Senior Researcher

"Kiki is brilliant"

“Kiki is brilliant! Her positive energy and understanding of strength based approaches are what makes her great at her work and enjoyable to work with. She is anchored in empirical data and the human lived experience. Trust me, you want this leader on your team”!


Account Mangaer, Genentech

"Personable, engaging humorous"

“I would highly recommend Dr. Kiki Ramsey to any organization who is looking for someone who is personable, engaging, humorous and whose enthusiasm is so contagious!”

Get Courageous Now

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles holding women back from achieving their dreams. But fear doesn’t have to be your master. You have everything you need to live the life you want and become the person you want to be.

I discovered my purpose of helping women succeed by helping my late mother battle her drug addiction. I saw firsthand the power of courage and the importance of never giving up on your dreams.

Happy Women Lead Academy (HWLA) is a private personal and professional development community for professional women who are committed to leading happier,  more fulfilled lives. The HWLA offers a variety of resources and support to help you reach your personal and professional goals. 

Be Empowerd with the
Dr. Kiki Ramsey Show

The Dr. Kiki Ramsey Show is a podcast dedicated to empowering high-achieving professionals to create their own happiness and transform their life and career.

Join us weekly for meaningful conversations with inspiring guests, live coaching sessions, and to gain practical tools and strategies from evidence-based research in the field of positive psychology.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a working mom, a career-driven professional, or simply seeking greater harmony and purpose, this podcast is for you. Join me as we explore what it takes to truly thrive. 






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