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Prepare For Your Certification The Right Way And Unleash Your Potential As A Coach

Get 18 CEU Credits Including 10 Hours Of Mentorship, Prepare The CKA, And Master Your Core Competencies With The Help Of TWO Master Coaches

Unparalleled mentoring and certification experience

Dr. Kiki and Dr. Parsons believe that you can learn the skills to be a top-level coach in today’s industry. 

The Certified
Coach Advantage

Is getting certified freaking you out?

As a coach, an official ICF certification is an invaluable tool to prove your skills and competence to new clients. But whether you’re working towards your ACC, PCC, or even MCC… it’s hard.

  • You need to rack up mentoring hours in order to get certified, and it’s not always easy to find the time and great mentors to trust.
  • The CKA (Coaching Knowledge Assessment) test has recently been changed and most information you can find about it is outdated.
    You have to make sure your skills on the ICF core competencies are on point… but how do you know what you don’t know without guidance?
  • Even if you’re already certified, you still need to acquire CCEU to keep your certification — which means, you need to keep training.


What's In It
For You

Strengthen Your Fundamentals

You will learn everything you need to know about the new revised eight core competencies the ICF uses to evaluate your coaching skills, complete with exercises and learning activities to hone and master them. revised eight core competencies the ICF uses to evaluate your coaching skills, complete with exercises and learning activities to hone and master them. 

Ace Your CKA Exam

During the course live lessons and in the workbook, we cover all the fundamentals you need to ace the new Coaching Knowledge Assessment exam with confidence.

Get Feedback On Your Sessions

To get certified you need to submit recordings of two of your coaching sessions for assessment. In this course, you’ll be able to get expert feedback on your sessions so you know for sure they’re strong enough for certification.

Learn Advanced Coaching Skills

It’s not just fundamentals! Inside the course you will get access to advanced coaching training that will show you how to bring your coaching process to a higher level — as taught by two master level coaches!


Get Mentorship Hours And CCEUs

The group and individual coaching included in the course will help you fulfill the certification requirement of 10 hours of mentor coaching. Plus, the course itself provides 18 CCEU hours.

Stand Out From The Competition

Coaching is a competitive field, with new practitioners popping up daily. If you can’t stand out, your business can’t thrive! An ICF certification shows prospective clients you’re a serious professional, and it’s a powerful marketing tool for you to grow your business.

Here's A Breakdown

Of What Is Included Inside the Course. 

Six 90-minute group meetings (plus a 3 hours kick-off to start!) where we’ll go over the skills and techniques you need to master the core competencies, pass your CKA, and get certified.

Practical coaching activities with demonstration and practice of fundamental and advanced coaching skills and techniques — you’ll get plenty of practice, not just theory.

A 90-minute individual meeting, to be scheduled in the last month, to go over your preparation and make sure you’re 100% ready for certification.

Our companion workbook with learning material, advanced techniques, self-assessment checklists, learning activities, and more.

Personalized in-depth feedback on recordings of your coaching sessions to ensure your coaching process aligns with ICF standards and that you’re ready to submit for certification.

Audio recordings of all group
sessions so you can go back and rewatch if you miss something.

Dr. Kiki Ramsey

Dr. Kiki Ramsey has spent years coaching top-level executives in organizations worldwide.

As a Ph.D. in Business Psychology and an ICF Master Certified Coach, Dr. Kiki is a sought-after executive coach, DEI expert, and international keynote speaker, and coaching professor at the Life University in Atlanta, GA.

  • ICF Master Certified Coach
  • Founder of the Positive Psychology Coaching and Diversity Institute (PPCaDI)
  • Innovator of the Positively Diverse Leadership Coaching Methodology and a sought-after DEI expert
  • Named Top 50 Women Leaders of Georgia in 2023 by Women We Admire

Dr. Mickey Parsons

Dr. Mickey Parsons has spent years coaching top-level executives in organizations worldwide.

As a Doctor in Psychology in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a Master Certified Coach, Dr. Mickey focuses coaching senior business leader to help them create new habits that drive success, build strategies for advancement, and sharpen leadership capabilities. He also co-created the Master of Science in Positive Psychology/Coaching, a Level 1 and Level 2 ICF coach education provider at Life University in Marietta, GA.

  • ICF Master Certified Coach and CCE Board Certified Coach
  • Founder at The Workplace Coach
  • Named a Top 10 Leadership Coach in the USA by HR Tech Magazine in 2019, 2020 and 2022
  • Received a Consumer’s Choice Award for Professional Business Coaching and a Georgia Excellence Award in Executive Coaching


With The Certified Coach
Course, you will...

  • Refine your coaching techniques as you prepare for certification, and feel more confident in your approach to your clients…

  • Be able to take your certification exam with confidence, knowing you are 100% prepared and ready to get certified…

  • Use your certification as a strong value proposition to build your business and brand as a coach and get more clients through the door!

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How to take their coaching skills to the next level and get certified through the ICF. 


Leadership Coach

"Dr. Kiki is an excellent and knowledgeable mentor coach!"

“She will challenge you while at the same time creating a safe and fun space for you to authentically elevate your skills as a coach. Her mentoring sessions are detailed and tailored to target what you need to work on to become a stronger, more impactful coach while gaining a deeper understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and the PCC Markers. Thanks to Dr. Kiki, I feel very prepared to pursue my next level of ICF coaching credentials. If you are ready to take your coaching to the next level, partner with Dr. Kiki!”.


Leadership Coach and Psychology Professor

"Mickey is one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate individuals"

“No matter how busy he may be, Mickey will always take the time to reach out and ensure that you are being heard. If I had to use one word to describe Mickey, it would be champion. At any time during the coaching program, if a I felt as though my skills or competency as coach was in question, he quickly reminded me to challenge my gremlin. Because of all his encouragement, knowledge, and wisdom I have been able to achieve my desire to become
a professional life coach.”!


Leadership Coach

"I highly recommend Dr. Ramsey's Mentor Group Coaching"

“She gave us a comprehensive guide covering all the ICF competences. During our group sessions she provided clear examples of how the coach can meet the ICF competencies. Her feedback during our 1 to 1 coaching sessions helped significantly improve my coaching.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The International Coaching Federation defines mentor coaching as: “coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s capability in coaching, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.” It’s a requirement for coaches who wish to obtain or renew their ACC, PCC, or MCC credentials.

The coaching sessions are a combination of live mentor coaching, round robins, facilitated discussions, and Q&A, plus feedback.

The mentoring coaching sessions take place on Zoom.

The minimum program completion time is three months as per ICF mentor coaching minimum time requirements.

You may begin your individual coaching sessions with Dr. Kiki or Dr. Parsons the last month of the program.  All mentor coaching sessions must be completed within 30 days of the program completion. 

You will receive a certificate documenting your 18 hours of CCEU which includes 10 hours of mentor coaching. Upon completion of your ICF certification application Dr. Ramsey or Dr. Parsons will confirm your mentor hours.

Yes. (Unless there are extenuating circumstances). 

Yes, all group sessions are recorded, and a secure link is sent out to all group members after the group has completed the session.

A minimum of four people per group, up to a maximum of 30 people. 

The ICF may require up to 18 weeks to process your first or next credential. Timeline varies. Please check the ICF website for the latest response times.

Unfortunately once you begin the course you cannot receive a refund. If you wish to cancel the course and request a refund 10 days prior to the start of the course, we will issue a full refund minus a $100 processing fee. Any cancelations within 10 days of the course start will not receive a refund. 

Yes, your company can pay directly for this course. Send an email to and we will work with you and your organization to get you enrolled. 


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