Who is Kiki

Hey Girlfriend,

You were surfing the web and probably put in words like ‘purpose’, ‘courage,’ ‘building a successful business’ and boom, you got me!

Really? I got you.

I have dedicated my life to helping women find their purpose and build amazingly successful businesses.


Now that we got the formalities out of the way, I’m much better with the straight talk, eating a Snickers Bar and Beyonce bumpin’ in the background.


Who Run the World.


That’s my song. It gets me so pumped.

I wish I had a theme song when I was 10 years old instead of asking myself questions like

Why am I here? Why do I have THIS life?

My stats were pretty bleak.

Grew up poor, living in South Carolina projects.

Had a crack addicted mother.

Became a teenage mother.

Tumultuous relationship with my father.

I didn’t choose this life.

This mess chose me.

Somewhere, in the midst of it all, I took the first step towards a turnaround.

I made the decision to overcome my obstacles, then I decided to help other women overcome FEAR and make them unstoppable.

Not through any hocus pocus wishing on a star type stuff or any trendy tricks that everyone with a website is trying to push down your throat.


I lived this.

I studied it.

I teach it.

I believe it.

I am living proof that what you learn here works.

If getting on with your life was as easy as a book and a talk show episode, we all would be good. But it’s not!

While doing self work, I started talking to other women and researching what to do to live a full and happy life. But what I found in the research was shocking to my optimistic mind. Most women were in a similar boat as me:

  • Unfulfilling jobs or businesses. Doing what was ‘safe’ or what everyone else thought they would be good at.
  • Draining and even toxic relationships. Taking the belief that some man is better than no man at all.
  • Financially falling apart. Covering up crazy debt and no savings with handbags and fancy cars. Not knowing how they were going to pay their bills.
  • A front physically. Beyond an obvious “couple of extra pounds” sustaining their well being with prescription drugs, long term conditions and legal drugs like nicotine, alcohol – just to make it through.
  • Holding on to past hurts and limiting beliefs (buzzword: stinkin’ thinkin’) and allowing the past to keep them from moving in their future.

Wow! I didn’t know everything, but

I knew that something had to change. And I became the change I wanted to see in my life.

That’s what you will find here at KikiRamsey.com. A non-judgmental, inspirational and sometimes tough love environment with some practical, challenging (I know you don’t like the word ‘hard’) tools, tips, and strategies. More than just someone who thought it was a good idea to give themselves a fancy (yet fake) name that sounds good. What you get here is real.

I learned to forgive, to love, to heal and to share.

That day my mother woke me out of bed in the middle of the night and took me to that dirty crack house and forced me to sleep on that springy, dingy couch night after night. It was life altering. At ten years old, I gathered up enough guts, enough anger to look my sweet, beautiful, loving mother in the face and think

This…this life, this thing she’s doing…won’t be me. I will be successful no matter what I have to do. And I kept that promise to myself.

You said it before too. Oh No! Not Me. I am NOT going to be this.

After the promise, it still wasn’t easy. I was young and was dumped with a lot of responsibility. Anger and resentment soon set in and the moment I could get on with my life and ‘be grown,’ I became sexually promiscuous (clinical term for A hot mess) and was looking for love in all of the wrong places. Trying to fill a void that no one person could fill and yes I ended up pregnant. Once my son was born, I had a greater determination to fulfill my promise. And still had obstacles to overcome.

Turning your life around takes Courage and I teach you to get courageous, find your purpose so you can live life daily with passion and fullfillment.

Yes you did read that right! Daily. Your thoughts, your mindset, your choices, your reactions. Yup. It’s all on you.  And you don’t have to keep beating yourself about it.

Today, I am a business coach, speaker, author, Fempreneur, wife, mom, super fly dance machine loving my business and my life.

Woot. Woot.

Cabbage Patch.

Cupid Shuffle.

Gangam Style.

Wave your hands in the air.

Wave ‘em like you just don’t care.

Yes, you can celebrate too.

No matter the circumstance, issue, mess, drama, I got you.

Join me in the Fempreneur University community so you can get a few hundred more girlfriends who have made mistakes, made promises and then made THE decision that enough is enough.

I’m your girl Kiki Ramsey. Thanks for checking out my virtual hang out spot.

Check out the tagline (marketing term for slammin’ one liner description):

Where courage, purpose and fempreneur collide…BOOM!

Professional Bio

Kiki Ramsey is a licensed social worker, speaker and expert on courage and purpose. Her mission is to empower women to live courageously and fulfill their purpose in life. Through her signature seven – step Get Courageous program, she has helped countless women to overcome their fears so that they can breakthrough-limiting beliefs and enjoy a healthy new emotional mindset. As a sought after speaker, she has spoken for organizations such as Berea College, National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses, True Vision Church, George Mason University and American Woman’s Society of Certified Public Accountants. Her high energy is contagious and her passion is genuine as she shares personal testimonies of overcoming past hurts and addressing family trauma.

As the CEO of Kiki Ramsey International and the founder of the Get Courageous Movement ™, a global initiative to empower millions of women all over the world, Kiki has spoken in places like Kenya, Ghana and the Dominican Republic to women in oppressive situations to empower them to live courageously despite what life has offered.

She is the creator of the online show Courageous Living and has been featured on radio, various digital media outlets and in Fearless Magazine. Her soon-to-be released book, Get Courageous Now: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Purpose and Passions in Life will be available Summer, 2015.

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